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Porsche Mid-South Region Driver Education 2017

Spring: March 18-19          Fall: September 23-24


Sponsored by                            Gossett Motor Cars


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Our DE events are held at the Memphis International Raceway and include 2 days of high performance driving. There is insurance available as well as your insurance company may cover you at these events as they events are truly an education in handling your car. The registration for these events is located at (click here) . Below is how PCA defines a Driver's Education event. Additional information can be found on the PCA websitewww.pca.orgunder the activities tab.

The mission and purpose of the Porsche Club of America's Driver's Education Program is to provide a safe, structured and controlled teaching and learning environment. The PCA DE Program is designed so that participants can improve their driving abilities and acquire a better understanding of vehicle dynamics and driving safety. Participants will experience first-hand the capabilities of high performance automobiles in a controlled, closed-course environment and acquire skills that will enhance safer vehicle operation in all driving situations.

One giant word of caution: this adventure can become very addictive. Our instructors will teach you to drive your Porsche the way Stuttgart designed it to be driven. PCA DE schools are run in a safe and controlled environment on a closed course. Like any new sport your instructor will guide you into this exciting world of high performance driving. These weekends are great sources of stories for the Monday morning coffee break. You will have dreams about various turns and wake up with memories of your instructor yelling BRAKE or DON'T LIFT. These schools are truly the only safe way to learn the engineering dynamics that went into the development of this famous racing marque. However, it is noted that PCA DE events are not racing, nor preparation for racing. No times or placing’s are recorded, and no awards or prizes are received by the participants of PCA Driver's Education events; just a lot of fun and camaraderie. Any conduct considered by the Porsche Club of America to be either unsafe or inconsistent with the spirit or purpose of the Driver's Education Program will not be permitted. This approach keeps the events safe for all participants!

Here is a short video that can help you prepare for your experience:Track Day Preparation Video



Club Registrar - David Pear

DE Chair - Ric Travis

PCA-MSR President - Jay Carlson


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